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Viewpoints for Modeling Choreographies in Service-Oriented Architectures

Wieczorek, S. and Roth, A. and Stefanescu, A. and Kozyura, V. and Charfi, A. and Kraft, F. M. and Schieferdecker, I. (2009) Viewpoints for Modeling Choreographies in Service-Oriented Architectures. Joint Working IEEE/IFIP Conference on Software Architecture 2009 & European Conference on Software Architecture 2009 . (In Press)

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Component integration plays a decisive role in service-oriented architectures (SOAs). The technical implementation must faithfully reflect business and enterprise integration requirements. This implies a good understanding of the globally observable message choreography but also of how messages are handled by the involved components and by the SOA middleware. In this paper we present a solution to the problem of keeping global and local viewpoints in synchronization via a common message choreography metamodel. As main contribution we shape various interpretations of global choreographies, which were left unspecified in state-of-the-art choreography approaches. We have implemented a message choreography modeling (MCM) environment incorporating these contributions. MCM seamlessly complements existing models at SAP. We show how service integration experts, architects, and testers can benefit from our approach that enables model-based integration testing and model verification facilities.

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